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Randil’s First Scuba Diving Experience

Randil, Anushka and Ravi get ready for their initial pool training.


Beautiful sunny day , calm sea and on the way to Pigeon Island Marine National park


Randil assisting Anushka with the equipment


And she is ready to get wet!


The whole group missing Deidre


Randil and Ravi take their first breath underwater



At the Pigeon Island National Park


Anushka takes her first breath underwater


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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Training

86 wonderful 1st year degree students at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, University of Ruhuna, began Snorkeling and Scuba Diving training.

The University of Ruhuna is a beautiful campus situated in Matara in the deep southern coast of Sri Lanka. It has over 8 Faculties and the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science is one of the best places to study Aquaculture, Oceanography and Marine Biology in Sri Lanka.

Very keen an enthusiastic students were so eager to learn Snorkeling and Scuba Diving and to explore the amazing underwater world.

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Maheli & Thamodie Discover Scuba Diving

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April 6, 2018 · 3:50 pm

Discover Scuba Diving

Some times you wonder.. “can I really do this?”

Scuba Diving is easy, its fun.. and its for everyone! If you are willing to spend a little bit of time and energy to learn how to dive.. Diving is easy and fun!

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March 29, 2017 · 2:11 pm


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Shark encounter

Trincomalee season is just around the corner… So I am posting some memories from last year Trinco season..

One of the highlights of Trincomalee is that you can snorkel with black tip sharks. Most of the time when people talk about sharks it brings fear, and some would say, ” I don’t want to get in the water if there are sharks..”

But the reality is, Its pretty amazing to be able to snorkel with them.. They are very harmless to us and really not bothered. They just swim around as if we are not in the water.

Its really amazing to have these 2 to 3 meter long sharks swim around you and some times get so close as even 2 feet away from you. The video quality is not great.. but enjoy.








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Wreck Diving

The S.S. Conch is a British Ship which sank in 1903. Its one of the nice dive sites found in Hikkaduwa. being over 100 years old the wreck is fairly broken and scattered but still has some parts intact standing several meters off the sea floor.

Most of the wreck is at around 10 to 14 meters of depth while the bow of the ship is at about 21 meters. This makes the dive a very interesting and easy dive having both a shallow and deep section.

Lots of butterfly fish, Angel fish , Sweet lips, and many Nudes can be seen, And sometimes the resident Maori Wrasse.

The site is about 20 mins comfortable boat ride from our dive center “Poseidon Diving Station”

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