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PADI Open Water Course for Nethmi and Aaditya.

Great start today with an amazing dive to end the day. Nethmi and Aditya worked hard with theory and pool training.

Looking forward to 2 amazing dives tomorrow with Turtles, Sting rays and hopefully some Black tip reef sharks.

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Snorkeling Fun

Amazing fish life and corals

Snorkeling is for everyone… even if you cant swim.. It is safe and so exciting!

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Sky Diving in Sri Lanka

Scuba Diving to Sky Diving with Devsiri

Scuba Diving , Sky Diving

For the first time in South Asia.. you can now experience Sky Diving in Sri Lanka. From 17th to 20th November 2016 in Koggala.

  • Jump off a plane flying at 12,000 feet
  • Free fall at a speed of 193 Kmph for 10,000 feet
  • 5 to 8 minutes fall with Parachute
  • No experience required since it will be a tandem jump with a qualified Instructor
  • Navigation and steering of Parachute back to landing point by instructor
  • Will receive a valuable certificate of completion
  • The Adrenalin rush and amazing experience of Accelerated Free Fall
  • After you experience this, you will not be the same again.
  • See Sri Lanka from a different angle.

This event is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka.

Please mail me on for reservations, limited spots available !







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Discover Scuba Diving



Dinali , Charith and Sabrina geared up for their first dive to explore the underwater world.

3Sabrina getting some help with her fins from her two buddies as well as from Nuwan (DMT)


Dinali taking her first breaths under water, surrounded by lots of fish.


Charith and Dinali


Sabrina getting comfortable underwater with all the Jacks swimming around her


At the end of a lovely day of diving… just within a few hours.. saw so much fish and corals.. Try scuba diving to venture into the under water world.


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PADI Master Seals


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Emergency First Response


Yuki & Anju during the EFR Secondary Care course.. learning how to bandage & provide secondary care for bleeding, fractures, & non life threatening injuries which could happen around the house, at work places, in schools, & in public areas.


Complete injury assessment to a casualty after stabilizing the situation, to asses any further injury & provide care to a casualty suspected having spinal injury.


Injury assessment


Checking for respiration & providing rescue breaths, opening the air way using “head tilt , chin lift” method during the EFR Primary care course.


Anju providing CPR, chest compression. Push hard and fast, compressing 2 inches.


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